Car amps, will they draw power?

My brother gave me a car with 2 12inch subs, but I took them out because I'm about good music.

He has two amps in the trunk attached to the back seat. If I leave them connected and have a broken circuit (I just wrapped the wires I took out off the subs in electrical tape), will the amps still draw power from the car battery? With the subs on, I couldn't leave the car's battery on without the engine on for more than 10-15 mins before it died.
It will own drain the power to power the amp I don't believe it will it will draw for the subs since they won't be hitting odds are if he had 2 amps and it was installed correctly one powered the subs one powered the rest of the car, god knows why he would need two separate amps for the subs unless they were cheap.

If you look at the amps there should be a remote power wire, all this wire does is send a small 12v signal to the amps. When the amp senses power through these wires it turns the amps on, when there is no power the amps are off. They should be a small 16 or 12 gauge wire all by itself goin into terminal, there also labeled remote wire or something. Disconnect that and the amps won't turn on at all. Then when he re installs it he just has to re screw in that wire and plug in the subs.

On a side note with the stereo typical person with subs listening to hip hop, subs are a audio component like a surround sound they fill in the gap, where 2 12s is usually overboard 1 12 or 10 in a car will drastically improve the music in the car no matter what it is, you just don't turn up the bass like he would that's all.
subs are picky. I know about them since I do db drag alot with my sound system. it's how fast they move thats the real issue. bigger subs since they have more space and push more air don't tend to move as fast without over heating. This is why rock sounds better with 8"-12" subs. However, the frequency is what really matters when sound quality comes in. You can make a 15" sub Play sounds like an 8" sub but it tends again to just be slower and dirtier depending on what frequency and how much bass you have. My subs are tuned at 42 hertz which is awesome for solid db drag sounds and you can hear me a mile away but when I tune them to around 50-60 hertz they tend to get more dirtier because they cannot keep up with the flow of the frequency. On your situation though you need a switch that will disconnect any circuit from the amps. I have one that will do two things. One switch will connect all the batteries in my vehicle on one circuit for max bass, then when I am no longer using that I switch it again and it turns off all my batteries but two that power the car. That way the vehicle electric is not compromised. the switches to do this usually cost around 90 dollars but unless you have a bad alternator you really shouldn't need it. any time you have over 500 watts you want at least one farad capacitor. 500= one farad so that farad will draw power before it draws from the battery to save the battery from being depleted. I have 10,000 watts and eight batteries plus a 500 farad capacitor to save my vehicles lights and regular electric operating. If you compromise that not only may it void any warranty but then you're talking about short circuiting crucial stuff like anything from power steering to headlights. that be no good.