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I know a ton of gay people, some really awesome, some not so much. In an attempt to figure out how not to offend the cool ones who don't get all uppity about being gay, I've decided this: I have a problem if you base your entire life around your sexuality. Perhaps this can help you too, should you run into this problem.

If you purposefully prance around, forcing others to notice how gay you are, I'm not a fan. If you're gay, and don't make much of it, I'm cool with that. I don't need don't-ask-don't-tell, just be casual about it.

Besides, if you're entire life is "Hey everyone! I'm gay!" then you are probably very shallow and don't have much going for yourself. Pursue things that enrich the spirit.
Gay, striaght, bi, or castrated. We are born to.... reproduce, eat, survive. In that orders LOL

and to your shaving cream question, since u have dem pubes on ur face. Sensitive is for people with skin issues, Protection is for idiots who press to hard.
I see, thank for making sense of the shaving cream confusion. Lol, I still think it's slightly BS. Now that I've figured out my beard pattern (I have circles at my jawbones, completely retarded), if I shave with the pattern I have zero cuts. Half the time I just use lathered soap and it's fine.
Today at work, when this foreign guy decided he wanted to make 5 "extra/mess up" pizzas while my manager was on break, because "we working too hard" and needed a reward, I've been reassured of why the US has the largest economy: hard workers.

When I was in Vietnam, my friend (she was born in VN, came to US when she was 5, now is the director for a foreign exchange program over there) told me that she had fired her personal assistants every other week for what she perceived to be complete laziness in all of them. She asked a lot of expats around there and discovered that they weren't lazy, that's just how hard they were taught to work. She finally realized that she wasn't going to get anyone good after going through 6 assistants. So she went out of her way to train an assistant for a month and brought her up to US standards.

Another example, my friend goes to a store in France and at the very minute he wanted to buy a gift for his wife, the lady walks away from the desk and says no one can help him, it's lunchtime, and to come back in an hour. Being a strong capitalist, he was taken aback, trying to understand how they could say "no, we don't want you to buy our stuff now, you can buy it later" if he was a customer ready to drop $150.

I know many workers who work their ass off and go out of their way for their company/etc. All our companies have instructions to put the customer above all things, etc etc. Also, the US has many awesome inventions (combine harvester, military stuff, jeans, internet, medical/dental equip, etc), and I think most of our daring/aspiring entrepreneur combined with hard workers has helped propel our economy so far. They take pride in being able to create or be a part of something so productive and big.

I really don't bother skipping my 10-15 minute breaks if I'm with a customer, the manager sees that I put the customer first, will have me take a break later, and is more willing to help me out when I need a day off. I was hired at Domino's only a month ago mainly to work the weekends and, upon request, he gave me a whole fri/sat/sun off because he liked how hard I worked.
I usually go over ground rules on how much of a discount I can give on what. Sometimes instead of charging people for packets of buffalo sauce/ranch/etc I just get it from our huge bottles used for putting sauce on pizzas and wings.

I know some customers are cheap but if it'll keep em coming back and we can make small profits then we have a profit from them.

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In regards to your "hard-worker" issue. Hard-work isn't necessarily an ethic in terms of competency or care, it's just how many hours we put into our jobs to get paid. In the U.S., on average, we spend most of our lives working to earn $$$$. In Europe, they work a bit, and then play a lot, depending on their profession. Greece + France are great examples of social services gone overboard. Sweden is good example of high taxes but higher levels of happiness (though they are pretty much a homogenous society). But back to Greece and France (and to some extent Spain). Not saying Greeks and Spaniards are lazy, but compared to Americans (overall) they may as well be taking siestas. For the French, they may as well be taking two hour smoke breaks.
My brother gave me a 92 Civic with tinted windows, a bamf sound system, and a ricer muffler. I hate how many people try to race me. I'm not going race, definitely not with a 1.5L engine.

My main problem with racing down a straightaway is that it isn't about skill, it's about who has more money put into your car (unless your a complete retard who wasted money on flames and stuff). The one time I did give into some douche (in a 2000 Civic) trying to race me was while I was driving my mom's 2008 RAV4 V6 2GR-E. I pressed on my pedal hard. About 200m off the red light I was 2.5 car lengths ahead of him. I was just like, this is gay, slowed down to like 30mph (and then he speeds past me at 70+ honking his horn like he won or something, I was lmao), and I realized that all I did was press a pedal down, hold my wheel straight, and "win." Drag races are gay.

I prioritize racing in this category, F-1, rally, drift, nascar, street racing through traffic, then at the bottom of the barrel is drag racing. Yes, I put nascar above drag racing, at least the odds are somewhat even.