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I figured the appropriate section for this was the nonsense zone. Each day I will post about something that I don't like (and try my best to mention something awesome). Stay tuned.

Edit: I am lazy, each day I will TRY to find something to talk about. I drive over 150 miles each day and think a LOT.
Haha sorry my little brother wouldn't let me use the internet.

Our streets and signs are all color coated for a reason: to keep order. The obvious ones are red (off limits, do not enter, no, etc) and yellow (proceed with caution). Lane changing is a driving situation that causes a LOT of car crashes (they can be minor side swipes, but they are nonetheless an accident and an inconvenience at minimum).

This brings me to my problem: red turn signals. I feel that this is attempt to save an extra $30-50 on every car manufactured, but it is done so at the cost of safety. Why are red turn signals bad?

In the day time, they are hard to see. Yellow/amber is easier to see and it is the actual color of the situation at hand: proceed with caution, this guy wants to break the flow of traffic. It's no situation for a red light, traffic shouldn't halt for this lane change.

If one light is covered by the part of the car that connects the body to the roof (at the side of the windshield), if someone taps their brakes a few times, you can mistake it for someone signaling to get into your lane, which means you might slow down, which slows down all the cars behind you. More traffic.

What if the fancy brake lights on your 2010 Mustang (or other cars, mainly American trucks/SUVs from what I've noticed) go out? That means your turn signal is also out. This is crap. It'd be better to have dedicated lights on your car so that one light going out doesn't mean two warnings are disabled.

If I have a better understanding of what you (the car 10 feet in front of me in the lane over) are going to do, I can respond more quickly. I can hit my brakes if I know you don't see me but try to get over anyway, and I can help the flow of traffic stay steady if I'm not braking when I think you're going to get in my lane, when, instead, you are just hitting your brakes.

Just like Europe, America needs to have better regulations on this issue. As a very attentive driver who hates when people can't drive, won't use their signals, etc, I'd like for there to be a little more uniformity, especially in a situation that can cause many car accidents.
So, I walk into the drug store to pick up some acne medicine for a hot date (I will get pics eventually, hopefully video) and then I stop by the shaving department (need them pubes gone just in case).

Extra protection, ultra sensitive (is this the same as the previous one?), comfort?, sensitive skin. What the fuck.

0809111930 - Copy.jpg

Anyone read Maddox?

Is this what our shaving cream has turned into? A bunch of cheap marketing that manages to fool girls? (haha sorry jenn, phoenix if you ever come on, and that clan members gf who I'm sure is a man) I didn't take more pictures because there were manly men in the aisle and I didn't want them to see me taking retarded pictures of shaving cream. The rest of the cans that lined shelves managed to find some way to say "this is made so you won't cut your skin" in a really cool way. Like, it's shaving cream. I know, by definition, that it protects my skin. But the one on the left, yeah man, it does it's job like 6823x better, right...?
Boring thread is boring.
^Another thing I hate is these ^ people.

Moving on...on a positive note:
This is the most badass water fountain I've ever seen. Notice how the water goes into the other faucet. I'm sure everyone remembers elementary school, where you had to pretty much suck the water out/make out with the fountain.
I know a ton of gay people, some really awesome, some not so much. In an attempt to figure out how not to offend the cool ones who don't get all uppity about being gay, I've decided this: I have a problem if you base your entire life around your sexuality. Perhaps this can help you too, should you run into this problem.

If you purposefully prance around, forcing others to notice how gay you are, I'm not a fan. If you're gay, and don't make much of it, I'm cool with that. I don't need don't-ask-don't-tell, just be casual about it.

Besides, if you're entire life is "Hey everyone! I'm gay!" then you are probably very shallow and don't have much going for yourself. Pursue things that enrich the spirit.
I'd like to give you advice for the day.
If you gotta go poo poo (this is a lot more helpful if you're in a public toilet, seeing as how they might not be clean) and you wanna avoid splash back from the huge dookie you gotta drop, lay a few pieces of toilet paper into the bowl BEFORE you poop, and that will help absorb some of the energy going into the water.

The splash will be significantly smaller. The end. No more bacteria water in your butthole.