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can someone help me build a new pc around 1100$ :(


Well no.. The 980 vs 980 ti is almost a $250/$300 difference by itself. The 980 ti is overkill for 90% of people.

The motherboard you posted was for an x99 platform. That would add an easy $400-$600 to your price just for the other components.
The main go-to is the z97 chipset (which I posted)

If you went with what you posted, you would be nearing $1650
okay, solid point. the 980 i can stick with. Also, the motherboard you posted is also good. I often forget, only certain pieces can go with certain...other pieces.

If he wanted to spend another $100 for an 850 evo would be good. I tossed in a 2TB hybrid (8GB ssd cache) that I've been selling in my shop lately, and they are pretty fast.
okay, that would is something im willing to do. 100$...i can throw that on np. What was it specifically you were talking about?

One thing, is a 2 TB hard drive...large enough? i dont have...a lot on my computer. microsoft word, excel, a few steam games that installed, and a few blizzard games. i have no dvds on the computer, and my itunes i guess could take up some space, but i only have like 500 songs. I take it 2 TB is good?

I bought my Sapphire 290x 4gb for 299.99 just as all the AMD 300 series news was starting. Now the same 290x is retailing for $50 more. Might want to wait a few weeks for prices to stabilize, even for the 300 series cards.
is a saphire 290x better than a 980?


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Gtx980 will be much better than the 290x, newer tech, more power efficient, less heat and did I mention faster? tada tada... But cost more :p

I would get a 250GB Ssd + 2TB for storage but what do I know??? J/k


sweet, 2Tb hard drive is something i can stick to.

@kaM ugh, should i get an 850 or the 2Tb hard drive

Bear with me, im really bad at tech stuff.



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samsung 850 Evo 250GB for windows + programs and 2TB for storage, you're done! I am just guessing, good luck!!


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Right now I've got like 300 gigs of a 500 gb ssd filled so hard for me to say on space since I hardly use any.