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BANNED Can I get a ban on racism?

Captain Cap

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# 562 "Misanthropica [FFN]" STEAM_0:0:32694887 43:53 128 0 active

This guy's just being a douchebag. Calls other team niggers every time his team wins.

Captain Capϟϟlightningboltsϟ : small soldiers was on tv today. best fucking movie ever
AnDy killed Dragonghost with galil.
SнιƒτyVσσdσσ inflicted most damage, 344 dmg in 5 hits!
Most kills:SнιƒτyVσσdσσ with 3 kills
Captain Capϟϟlightningboltsϟ : PRRRRAH!
Player: Captain Capϟϟlightningboltsϟ - Damage Given
Damage Given to "S*TA*R*S yoboist@rs" - 42 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "MERK KING93" - 112 in 1 hit
Misanthropica [FFN] : more like nigger soldiers

Most kills:Misanthropica [FFN] with 3 kills
Tokey killed ctrlnet with m4a1.
ißÅÐ killed Tokey with scout.
*DEAD* (NBD) Sheriff Buford T. Justice : just nwaiting
Misanthropica [FFN] : sand niggers win
Next map is cs_office in 10:19 minutes.

*DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) Samago : They are hitting long hard 6 ts
o DraZtic o killed deagle with m4a1.
Misanthropica [FFN] : sure owned your nigger asses though
Captain Capϟϟlightningboltsϟ : no racism
o DraZtic o : u mustve had low health when i killed u
o DraZtic o killed S*T*A*R*S JOHNY 5*gen with m4a1.

Captain Cap

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*DEAD* Misanthropica [FFN] : nigger team uses ignorance, its super effective.

*DEAD* Misanthropica [FFN] : nigger team loses again

Misanthropica [FFN] : Nigger team uses welfare, its super effective.


The 47 Ronin
Thank you for the report Cap. This will be dealt with.

This is a good sign of how good of a community this can be even if your not a member of 47r, please report any mishaps, if someone is hacking.. please record it and let one of us know as well.


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yes, we will absolutely ban when we see this - racism will never be tolerated on our servers

thanks, cap