yea after being gone almost a month my system is back up and running. stupid bown out fried my hard drive and I though alot more, but after working on it I realized my BSOD was a driver issue after my fresh install of windows. apparently my VGA drivers for the intel hd are pick and must be installed after service pack one and the video card drivers.

it was a long process to figure that out lol, after the brown out I thought I couldn't install video card drivers beacuse it or the motherboard was fried, so I got a replacement motherboard witch took 2 weeks to be delivered. when that didn't work I thought it might be my PSU, so got a new one of thoes, but that wasn't it, so I tried installing things in different orders untill it worked. I had been installing the motherboard drivers first which was the real issue :/ will be online in an hour :)


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whats a bown/brown out? I am really interested in finding out. Glad your back up and running and thats the worst when something goes out and your left dicking around trying to figure out what exactly it is.
sorry brown out* did that post on my phone lol. its when the voltage dips, but doesn't go out... so basically your PC tries to run without enough voltage and it fries capacitors. it usually only lasts a second or less, but min lasted about 5 min while the electric company were working on the lines near my house, since its not a surge the only way to really protect against it is by using a back up UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so that way when power dips it still gets what it needs from the UPS (its basically kinda like a small battery attached to a surge protector). the dumbest part of it all was i have one of those, but i had it plugged into the side that was only a surge protector


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Looking forward to see you hang out on the server/ventrilo and of course the website more often.
Make sure you stay very active and post on the forums regularly.