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can anyone tell me what this is

Hamas Fatah

I've had swollen tonsils for years (it's not tonsillitis), from time to time white puss ciss things develop on the sides. They are gross, kinda hard, crumble and smell like bad breathe. (Also I brush, floss, Listerine, peroxide a good amount). So I just realized these zit like things that develop on my tonsils seem to be deeper in my tonsils than I realized, thus why they are swollen. I never have sore throats from this either.

Any ideas?


The 47 Ronin
You might wanna go to the doctor asap as far as i can tell seems like you need a doctor to examine this thoroughly and get it healed fast

Captain Cap

New Member
Hamas, tonsil stones is right.

If you have a stick or stick-like object you can poke them out (the sticks you stick in your ears is good). A waterpik MAY work, but this probably will irritate your tonsils badly. You can use a lighter stream of water if you have something that will spray it.

Gargle warm water or hydrogen peroxide.


The 47 Ronin
I suggest you see a Doctor.. You can have your tonsils' removed.. I had mine removed at age 6.. just a suggestion.. but seek medical advice first from a physician.

Captain Cap

New Member
it's pretty common. the only reason youd get tonsils removed is if it bothers you a shitload and it smells really really bad.

its either this, or you got strep dick.