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C9 Drops Semphis and ShahZam


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Tarik is good but wouldn't really be a good replacement for shazam. If love to see ScreaM on their team, however he lives in EU and things wouldn't really work out. Unfortunately the US ladder is weak and the teams lack skill players when it comes down to international competition. Cloud9 has been at best #10 world ranked team.
m0E could be a good replacement too, however the one year ESEA ban he got doesn't help his cause.


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Moe actually isn't one of the banned players so it's possible that he could join. They added freakazoid to the team already, he will be a good addition. He's a solid player for sure and I have heard rumors a European player might join a NA team. So you might get what you wanted! Have you been to reddits global offensive subreddit? They got a great conversation going on the topic right now. Tarik has posted some inside information and hints I guess a lot of moving around and team changes will be happening in the next two weeks. @IcEWoLF


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im a C9 fangay so its abit upsetting to see them split.. but it did seem like they hit a brick wall too, so i like that they are making a big change. Im glad they didnt just get rid of ShahZaM. because i think their issues went a little further than just shahzam being caught out of position too many times. Semphis shoes may be a little harder to fill in my opinion. His Inferno B site holds are admirable but i think what they need is a ballsdeep headbangin fragger. (like Tarik) ... as for moE. I dont like that guy. his individual skill is great. but the guy is like a poison. brings drama to every team he on and they break up or get rid of him. (i dont follow him much, but thats the vibe i get). im not sure of possible candidates for the positions so i cant say much else.


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They added Skadoodle to the team and put swag on retainer as an "analyst" which means he will probably just take over for freakazoid once his ban is lifted. If that's the case, that's one hell of a line up. Even with freakazoid as their entry fragger that's is still a major improvement then what they had. I'm so looking forward to their first match. I'm also a C9 Fanboy.. <3