Buying tires

Haha, so my back tires will be bald in 3 months.

I'm trying to figure out where to get some tires, Sam's Club has Michelin P175/70R13s for $70.58 each. They have a 40,000 mile/6 year warranty. This is what my brother was using in Kansas. These tires are rated 10/10 for snow and ice and all that stuff. I could probably find something else cheaper for spoiled-california-road driving.

Does anyone have any suggestions on awesome places?
That's a good price!! You don't want to know how much my tires cost for my S13's which I burn up anyways....sometimes, 2 sets in like 3 hours or less depending on which venue we drift at.


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I agree with cup. I also used to run 19s (Yes, 19s...I used 18s and such also but 19s....) to drift......they cost a lot of money for those.

But I did some searching for you where I buy my tires from and some are pretty decent. Free shipping since its direct and no tax.

Now when you put tires in the cart and go to the cart contents. Remove the valve stems. I don't think you'll be needing them since I assume you're not buying a new set of 13" wheels. The falkens are $248 otd/shipped to you. Considering their stock it should be to you within 3 days.

Also, I don't work for them... I just like their service haha.


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After doing several tire sets on the WRX with higher performance, costly for the size and mileage, I finally started using Costco. They have a good selection for every tire size and were the best price, next to Tire Rack, and they install and balance plus they use an inert gas(forget which one). Been real happy with this last set as they are wearing like iron and drive decently, not as sporty as my old Eagle GT but wearing about twice as long.