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Real Name: Chris
Age: 37
Job: Infectious Disease and Biodefense Microbiological Research Technician
Something about yourself: married 13 years, father of two, on my 3rd (and last?) professional career, genius level IQ and a face made for radio
Favorite game: too many to list... platform? era?
Favorite site to visit: 49ers and Sharks sports blogs, 47r-squad, select pr0n sites
Hobby: reading (fantasy/magic), gaming, motorcycle riding, insult comedy
Favorite Food: chocolate, warm pumpkin pie
Favorite song: automobile - NWA

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el jorge loco

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lol jenn, thanks for dragging this out of the introductions bin.

Anyways, I'd like to remind you that Built is probably more reliable than the CDC when it comes to planning for the zombie apocalypse..

My plan, shotguns, lots and lots of shotguns. Also metal armor.


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i'm still waiting for some random hook-up, hunter... we're gonna end up meeting some day, i'm gonna hear your voice and it's going to be love at first sight

at least, that's how i see it in my dreams haha