building new pc help me out

ok so im gonna be makin or buying a new pc in the coming month of september i think... my budget i think will be between 700-1000. what i really want thus far is a 6 core amd chip, and a geforce 500 series gpu. basically i want to make or buy something with both of those pieces. ive been lookin at geforce 540 cards. since anything higher up seems a little too high priced. i have this thing against spending more than 200 on a video card since they constantly come out with new ones... anyways, any input or advice or parts or whole pc's anyone suggest would be appreciated. i dont really feel like building it myself, im just plain damn tired of doing that shit tbh so any prebuilt gaming pcs or if suicide george is still makin rigs i would like to see whats up people!!!


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If you want speed go with inteL cpu. I go with AMD because I don't really need the speed anyway, and I'm a cheap bastard.


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Well there a lot of "choose your own" websites like I didnt feel like building it myself either and they put in the essential parts that I wanted plus upgraded me to water cooling with my 6 core amd. I saved on shipping by picking it up tho. After picking it up feel free to stick in whatever GPU you want :). Good luck


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Yea Space talk to SG or maybe you can take the build he posted on the forum for me i dont think i can afford right now :( had to help my dad pay the bills so my savings went out the window along my lovely desktop SG had quoted =/


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Space, I think SG will be able to get you a great deal!
Also be sure to get a good enough video card, currently the latest card 580 series is the only card that can run BF3 Maxed out (depending on screen resolution).
I'd say staying with the 5 series will be a wise move.