For Sale Building new comp, selling everything.


The 47 Ronin
Both 6870's at 100 each or 180 for both.

4 gigs memory ddr3 for 30$

AMD X6 1055t - 150$

G15 keyboard - 20$A

Cooler master 830 super tower including all fans - 150$

Total : $530.00

Buy all of it I'll knock 50$ off it for $480.00 total.

First come first serve.

Future build :

Saber Mobo
GTX Titan. GPU
Intel i5 3570 CPU
12 gig tri channel memory.


The 47 Ronin
Ya, the thing is beat up pretty good after moving so much, the enter key is actually split in half but the whole keyboard works. I just have a mechanical one these days now.


The 47 Ronin
Dam Fuzion thats a massive upgrade XD Nvidia Titan alone will cost 1k+

Can I see a pic of your case?
Dont mind the book stack underneath the case XD. I havnt made it to lowe's yet to buy 2x4's to put underneath the comp yet (I just moved, used to have hardwood floors at last place)

Heres the side fans that go inside, they all work, and there all thermaltake fans as well. Color is red



Staff member
I'd suggest waiting another 2-3 months before building, generally the 2nd quarter is the most interesting quarter for hardware upgrades.
I am sure AMD will answer this new NVIDIA release within the next month or so.
Also a new batch of processors will be released by 2nd QT I believe, might as well wait.