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My name is Bug and I live in california, near sacrmento. I've always seen the 47 ronin servers on css, andi vealways wanted to join the clan. Ive been gaming since i was a kid, im 26 now, and past steam games i was in was tf2 (pretty embarrassing), killing floor, css, and csgo. Non steam games are WC3FT.

I really hope to get at a semi pro level someday in csgo. Ive pt down like 3 months in csgo so far, im a nova 3, and i plan to put in at least a couple of years into the game and hopefully go competitive someday.

I'm also in the army reserve, my job is medical logistics and x ray tech.


The 47 Ronin
Hello, welcome. What's wrong with Tf2? That's all I've been playing while overseas, since I ping too high to play in our servers. hah

And to answer your question, to wear the actual 47R tags, you have to put in an application on the forums and get accepted, then you will be invited into the 47R members group on steam and have the tags from that. If you're looking to wear one of the various 47r recruit kind of tags, you just have to join the group on steam.
TF2 is pretty stupid. I wasted 1000 hours in that game (which isnt even a lot) and i truly regret it. I wish i wouldve spent that time in css.

TF2 is built around vintage hats and weapons. Ive come across servers where the thing on your head is valued more than your skill. Where a vintage item is valued so many more times than non vintage, and the difference between vintage and non vintage is blue font and the word "vintage". Give me a break with that bs. Another thing is those 1000 hours i spent in tf2 dont translate well to other fps, I cant take all my hours as a demoman and have it translate to css or csgo. Its a fun game, but its 100% casual, and i dont know why or how i got sucked into it so much. Its pretty embarrassing as well with all the mlp and 4chan users in the game, i cant stomach the game anymore.

I put in my application, and i think im waiting on the confirmation that it has been accepted. I hope i get an invite to the group by then


The 47 Ronin
It's normally a slow process, just so you know. Just make sure to stay active on the forums and servers and it shouldn't take too long.

I play TF2 a lot over here in Spain. Well, I only have 195 hours on the game, but a majority of it is from this deployment. I don't care much about items, or anything other than the casual aspect of the game. I can jump in, kill a few people and leave, which is often how I play css, as well. I do like taunts in the game though, they're fun! However, I understand where you're coming from. Games like l4d2 and TF2 I spend a lot of time on, but it really doesn't translate over to any other games. But that's okay for me, I don't want to get pro in any games, just jump in and have fun.

Anyway, welcome again and good luck with your application!
thanks man. TF2 is a great time waster, but thats about it. But thats waht vidya games are all about right?

And yeah im really hoping my application goes through. i'll try to get on the forums from time to time.