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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Bug's Application for 47Ronin


Name: Spense

Age: 26

Location: Northern California

In Game nickname/nicknames: Bug

Your favorite hobby: Staying in shape/csgo/graffiti/art

Your favorite movie: Halloween 2 (not the rob zombie one)

Games you play: (Besides CS:S) csgo, frozen throne

How many hours a week are you online: 40

Your previous squad/team: (Squad/Clans that you previously joined) The only Legitimate clan i was ever on board with is THC, the hotel california, and this other canadian clan i'm in right now. I plan to drop that clan when and if i get into 47Ronin.

Why did you leave your last squad: (If applicable) I left THC because of the drought of css i played, and then when i returned i recently got with this team, which is nice, but its a very casual server on a lot of stupid maps. I feel i enjoy the community so much, but we play 15 round matches on really obscure, idiotic maps that seem to have little purpose outside of screwing around in.

How long have you been playing in our server: a couple of months, recently me and my brother have been on the css ronin server off and on.

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I always got slaughtered on the 47ronin servers, and i just naturally felt they were better than me. Therefore, I want to get on board with people who are more skilled than i am, so i can improve my skill too.

Tell us about you: Im in the army reserve. When i graduated high school in 2007, i set out to be an x ray technician. 3 years later, i get the prerequisites done for the x ray tech school and i fail to get into 2 schools that year. I then join the army reserve. When i get back from basic training, i apply and fail to get into these 2 schools again. There was a army unit in southern california that offered the training, and after 9 months of me doing paperwork to get to this unit, i find out they lied to me, and there was no slot for me to get transferred to get trained. I then apply again to the 2 schools, and i get rejected for a third time from both schools. Then another army unit in sacramento offers me the training, and i take the opportunity, and i actually end up going. The school was a year long from march of 2014 to march of this year, 2015. I study for about 3 months after i get home in march and i take the registry, about 4 weeks ago, and i pass it. Now all i need is a job, im trying to send down 4-5 applications everyday on a monday through friday basis.

One thing i have learned from pursuing what i wanted to do since i was a sophomore in high school, is not to give up. Its the hardest thing in this life. Its to not give up. But the thing to remember, is that when you give up on your passion or dream, you will never improve or progress. You'll never get ahead. Stay strong, no matter how hard life seems.


The 47 Ronin
Welcome to the forums! Be sure to stay active on here and the servers; also, have patience... this can be a long process.

GJ on passing your boards/registry/whatever its called! Are you still up in NorCal? RadTechs make some nice bank. I know an ADA of Radiology, and he said they hire most of their FTEs from the registry.


Hey thanks man. Yeah im still in nor cal, im in Galt specifically. I just say sacramento or nor cal becuase has ever heard of Galt.

Whats a ADA and FTE? Dude if you know someone who is working for a hospital that could hook me up, please let me know. I'm serious, i'll send you my resume and everything. I really need a job to get out of the house...im still living with mom and dad.

if could check out my link, that would sum up my feelings when im living with a 60 year old marine corp drill sgt.


Also, how do i waer the 47ronin tag on csgo? can i get a link to the group?


The 47 Ronin
Hey Bug welcome to the forums! Like Kami said, it's a pretty long process so you have to show activity on the forums and in game.

I recognize your picture, play by another name in game?

The tag is by invite only and comes with obtaining membership to the clan.


no my profile picture on this website is completely out of nowhere, this was an old photo of myself i decided to use.

Sir Dies Alot

The 47 Ronin
Welcome to Forums. Like those before me mentioned, just stay active on the servers and read the rules and follow them. you'll become part of the family in NO time!


The 47 Ronin
Whats a ADA and FTE? Dude if you know someone who is working for a hospital that could hook me up, please let me know. I'm serious, i'll send you my resume and everything. I really need a job to get out of the house...
ADA = Assistant Department Administrator
FTE =Full Time Employee

Sending me your resume won't help, since he gets all his FTE's from the registry. Most FTE's start out as temps, hired through the registry whenever a hospital needs them - which is very often, as far as I can tell. My statement earlier was meant as a hint - go sign up with a temp registry, if you haven't already.


@ kamikaze hey roger that. Unfortunantly i have no choice but to go for full blown applications in hopes of employment. I got 2 leads, and a hpone call today for the east bay, wish me luck.


Staff member
Again welcome to the forums be patient as the recruitment process is not a very fast process as we monitor your activity on pub and forums prior to approval. Stay active on forums and pub and we will get back to you. Grats on finally getting your X-ray tech training. I am prior service and my cousins husband who is also prior service (Army) is also an x-ray tech here in Phoenix. Best of luck on finding a good job and thank you for your service!