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BSOD - Cooling the Issue- Fan Advice?


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hehe i knew it :-P. I had a similar experience nearly 3 years ago with two 8800's which is why i asked about ur PSU lol. Anyway, glad to help! Now you know to always get the better PSU's haha


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Also another thing you should check when ur getting BSOD is disconnect all the USB wires, then reconnect one at a time. alot of times USB's will go bad on mobo's and will cause BSOD almost right away.


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I don't know about you guys, but I prefer modular power supply. I just hate all those extra wires and connectors.


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The 47 Ronin
yeah i got a 650TX and its an awesome power supply. so i say get the 750TX. and @tuco - yeah i have a friend whos in the process of building a new comp and hes super into getting a modular one.