Brink free to play weekend!

el jorge loco

Staff member
I was one of the few people who purchased this game pre-order because I thought it had a lot of potential. A lot of folks complained about the online play (considerable amount of lag doing parkour and free-run moves). I'm not sure if they have fixed this recently, but the offline play runs smooth. Bots on your team are always dumb as door nails, while the opposition's bots are highly squad skilled.

The game is very similar to TF2 in terms of looks and objective heavy. However, you can change classes mid-round.

The DLC pack (2 maps, additional skills + level, and new set of clothing) is free for the next two weeks. I hope they fixed the online lag.

However, since it is free to play, I suggest giving it a go. I just love the weapon customization + parkour + objectives.

el jorge loco

Staff member
If you're really into traditional FPS games, this may not be the game for you. Things of note that are actually pretty fun:

(1) Engineer Turrets are leveled based on how many skill points you put into it
(2) Weight matters (only heavies can carry big weapons like gat guns, but they can't do parkour and free run moves like skinny characters)
(3) One character slot can be used to customize one Security model and one Rebel model (weight and weapon mod selections carry over between both sides of 1 character)
(4) Maps are beautiful and if you want to try to jump it and climb up, you MAY be able to depending on your character's weight
(5) There are 4 specialty classes (with individual skill sets) and 1 set of base skills. You may choose to focus on any number of classes depending on how you want to play your character. So you can have JUST an Engineer, or an Engineer/Operative build, etc.
(6) Classes can be changed while you're playing so that you can effectuate the objective better. No more random idiots spoiling your fun because everyone picked soldier, and no one picked an operative to complete a particular objective (or if the one operative is a moron). Everyone can do any objective at any time in the game.
(7) Weapons can also be changed mid-game. You get two guns, and you can change them out just like your class mid-game.
(8) Objectives Wheel - Never forget what you need to do, and do just one thing at a time.

Plus I just realized it was 50% off ahaha. For that price, the game is actually worth it. Plus you get a free DLC for the next two weeks.