Breaking Bad


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I know! the dude can read minds or something. I think after talking to jesse in the hospital he kinda figured out that he had talked to walt.
they have seasons 1-3 on netflix, i just started a couple weeks ago, im only on episode 7 of season one but so bad ass of a show. kinda hard to find time since im watching like 5-6 different series of shows atm lol
I don't think video stores exist anymore. I'll have to download the first season. I've seen a few episodes of the latest stuff, and its good.
So i was sick in bed for the majority of last week. Having read this post awhile back and also having several close friends continue to recommend it to me i bit the bullet and started watching it! HUGE MISTAKE! Within 48 hours i was through 2 1/2 seasons. By thursday i was all caught up and current! 4 seasons 4 days. Great show

But now where the hell are they going to go with it? I was reading that there was a writers strike at one point in time that had strained and almost canceled the 5th and final season. It almost seems like the ending of season 4 was done just in the manor of safety incase they had to end it right there and then. So where do they go noW?

Also Gus with his face half blown off was fucking nutz! When he walked out i was thinking WTF how did this fool get outta that one!


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yeah that was a sick episode. Walt is just too much of a G. Seriously, Walt ran train on everything at the end there and I thought when he was talking to his wife at the end was pretty epic. "I WON" *click*

I was wondering where they are gonna go with it as well. They are pretty much back to square one. Do they make their own lab? New partner? With the cartel and Gus pretty out of the picture I guess it gives the writers a lot of room for creativity.