bragging thread

Attention Everyone, I'd like to point out tactical genius on the part of S-DAWG, psychological warfare is most effective when you don't even ralize that your perceptions are being manipulated. I am also skilled at tactics and recognize tactics even where people are not aware that they are utilizing them. Here's what I see, and I think it is BRILLIANT:
S-DAWG posts a higher kill tally, AND a lower death count, YET, he praises ENON as a "beast" (of a player), leaving the reader to wonder what S-DAWG is, seeing that he is obviously greater than a beast!
In that round at, In any case GREAT JOB S-DAWG and ENON!
Truly Great squads are not only skilled in gameplay and teamwork, and efficient with tactics and strategies, but they are good sportsmen, and considerate adversaries as well. In the early days of 47R, we used to joke, AMONG OURSELVES, that maybe we oughta pass out tubes of lube to the other team before a match, so they wouldn't need Preparation-H after it! LOLOLOLOLOL