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bragging thread


The 47 Ronin
So I dont mean to brag either...yeah its old but its all I got of me being good. Lol

This is a better one

Wait found a better one :p

Idk if the links work and if not then the first pic is of me going 40-8 on Office
Second pic is me going 27-2 on Office
Third one is me going 21-1 on Office lol


The 47 Ronin
Haha okay fine, heres one 27-2

Another at 21-1

One more at 40-8

I got more at 35-5 and 30-4 but I dont want to embarrass everybody. Plus this is all old, haha when I was in the community before I left. Not that good anymore


The 47 Ronin
Even if you don't care for the game, 51-2 is ridiculous in any game, and sniping only.