Books or Movies of Books

I am one of those people who believe the books are much better than the movies.
Now I also believe the comics are much better than movies of comics.
Who are you?

Also I sure hate the movie industry for ruining marvel and dc.
Almost as much as I hate George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for ruining Indiana Jones.
I do love reading, but I mostly enjoy reading deep, rich literature. Donne, Wordsworth, Hawthorne, Williams, all the classics and a lot of modern (good) poetry.

As for entertainment, I'm fine with movies. I never liked the Thor comics, but I think the movie portrayal was a little better. Perhaps the movies can get people to read the books in the long run.


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I use to love books when I was a kid, but now I like movies a bit better. I no longer have the patience to read a book 1000+ pages anymore.


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I almost always like movies better. Stephen King's "The Stand" and "It" are amazing movies. It was hard enough to sit down as a child and watch The Stand, its like 8 hours, I only made it through a little of the book before I gave up. You know what book I did like more than the movie? Fast Times at Ridgemont High lol They left out the trip to disneyland in the movie, where they had jack daniels stashed on Tom Sawyer Island. I actually read some of the Resident Evil books before the movies came out and they are good!
I have to go with books. "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King is my all time favorite! They were going to try to make it into three movies and a short TV series but they dropped the project and admitted that there's no way to put such an epic novel on the big screen and do it justice. For this, I am proud! They would have destroyed that book.


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books are ALWAYS better than movies imho

although, you do get the rare movie (or series) that follows the books very well... lord of the rings trilogy (except for the 3rd movie) and game of thrones both follow their respective books fairly well

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Lol they have Resident Evil Books? XD

Reading for law school has ruined my reading. These days I'm reading case briefs, black law rule supplements, and course outlines. :(

I love comics though


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I like both i love reading 30,000 pages in 2 weeks that can be watched in movies in matter of 24hours. Use to not read much but got hooked into couple series back in middleschool and continued so :p

Lol @Hannah God i hated reading my Criminal Justice book in highschool although they were very interesting it was very long and confusing time to time.
On very rare occassion to me is the movie actually better than the book. I believe there are a lot of movies out there that are just as good as the book. Such as Fight Club, Children of Men, Jaws and Into the Wild off the top of my head. As for comics, Kicks-Ass and V for Vendetta off the top of my head.
I think you have to look at it in the light of; the book SHOULD always be better than the movie, simply because it can go into much further detail and character development. Movies are made for a broader audience and can only be so long as to not be too long. Plus, it's more or less the director's interpretation of that story. So if you don't look at the book the way they do, the book will always be better to you. I watch more movies than read cuz I have very little extra time, but I enjoy both when I can.