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Counter Strike: Source BlueDraggo's Application

Name: Joshua Spiegel
Age: 22
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

In Game nickname/nicknames: Blue, BlueDraggo, Phailer, BlueDragon, Corsair

Your favorite hobby: Electronics

Your favorite movie: Harry Potter series.

Games you play: CSGO, BF4/3/2, WoW, Skyrim, Insurgency ; just to name a few.

How many hours a week are you online: about 20 most weeks. Anywhere from 10-35

Your previous squad/team: RNB (long ago)

Why did you leave your last squad: broke apart, we had few members.

How long have you been playing in our server: I'd say at least 2 years if not more.

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Honestly, I haven't been a part of a clan in a while and I know a lot of cool people in here. Kami and Desire have encouraged me to join in particular. I respect the server rules and respect the server. I play there often and am recognized every time I join.

Tell us about you: I am an introverted nerd in everyday life who becomes an extrovert when in the digital space. I love to play games mostly and also enjoy the outdoors. I was born in California and moved to Idaho where I grew up; after college moved to Vegas. I am easy going most of the time unless someone breaks rules on the server, I find myself telling them to stop to no avail. Outside of games I am an Electronics Technician.


The 47 Ronin
Welcome to the forums and the application process! It's a lengthy one, but keep up in the forums and the server and it'll be over with in no time!

el jorge loco

Staff member
Welcome you friggin Hax0r!

No seriously though, welcome to the server Blue. Glad to see regulars signing in and taking an interest in our modest little group.


The 47 Ronin
oh look, you found the forums! @ak | sAmmI'^ still thinks you hack, lol. oh yah, be sure to post like once a day... and be patient.

oh yah, and i'll be in vegas in a couple weeks... lets get some drinks.