blu - application

Age: 21
Location: OR
In Game nickname/nicknames:blu
Your favorite hobby: Gaming and "The Game"
Your favorite movie:Old School
Games you play: WoW
How many hours a week are you online:5+
Your previous squad/team: Vato Clan
Why did you leave your last squad: It died
How long have you been playing in our server: 1+ year
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin:bunch of badass motherfuckers
Tell us about you: Played Counter Strike my whole life. the end.... lol . Work full time in retail (SUCKS) and go to school part time at a community college.
I hate to admit it but back in the day.. I use to play that nightmare of a game
Rogue / paladin / Death Knight, horde. I deleted them all


The 47 Ronin
ummmm... i think this got accepted a little early... but then again, you did mention about the "speeding up" of applications.