Blood Fiend

Okay First of all, i appaulogize for my previous asshole-ish behaviour, and also my horrible spelling. Been going thru ruff times over the last year, with a fucked up shoulder, and dealing with workers compensation and going to rehab. So I appaulogize for being an asshole, or yelling at any one, its not like me.

Name: Dillon
Age: 25
Location: Vancouver B.C.
In Game nickname/nicknames: Blood Fiend
Your favorite hobby: Martial arts/Video games
Your favorite movie: The predator series is a favorite, and any steven segal film
Games you play: Crysis 2, Red faction armageddon, bf:bc2, call of duty black ops
How many hours a week are you online:20-40
Your previous squad/team: BNB a long time ago
Why did you leave your last squad: Pussy
How long have you been playing in our server: year and a half i beleive
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I only play on this server, like the guys that play here, would like to rep the server and help fill
Tell us about you: Like sports, pussy and beer, not exactly in that order. A Black belt in taekwondo, kinda fat, losing weight working out lots.


Staff member
Thank you for applying, your application will be reviewed.
In the mean while please be very active on the forums.


Staff member
Blood fiend, we look for people with constant behavior, we don't want people with weird mood swings.
That hurts the community and the players that play with you everyday.
I've seen previously some childish behavior from you and admin disrespect.
I will not decline your app, but this app may take longer to be reviewed.
Please stay active on the forums and the server and most important of all, stay cool :)