Why isn't this posted yet?

It started out slow for me in the series, then it rocketed.
I really enjoy the battles vs lieutenant and captains. Or the espatas.
Not so much when verses the weak hallows.
Now it is captain vs captain and lieutenants vs captains.

Aizen was pretty pimp too. His hair looks neat in anime, but when I picture it in real life, I hate it.
I strictly read bleach now. The bleach has gotten to repetitive for me to actually watch. I enjoyed bleach when it first came out all through the Bound arc but the Aizen arc totally killed it for me. I've said this before on another thread i think haha.

From what I've gotten from bleach its Ichigo goes Bankai-> Getsuga Tenshou-> WIN if he doesn't win it goes hollow form-> Getsuga Tenshou-> WIN.


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besure to identify if you're talking about the manga or anime. sounds like its the anime though...
<---- need this thing if we're talking about animes/movies!
i think if you read this, you should be caught up with the anime. or at least be prepared to be spoiled. I refuse to censor myself. In the current arc, ichigo ain't gonna be bankai-ing anytime soon. the current arc is more other support characters
Oh, I'm caught up don't worry about spoiling anything for me. The last chapter he just got his shinigami powers back with a brand new look plus sword. I know he hasn't Bankai yet, that's because he can't from losing his powers after the Aizen Arc.

But since he just got them back, be ready for a Bankai-> Getsuga Tenshou-> WIN trrruuusttttt LOL

Yep I know I just spoiled A LOT of this for people who only watch the anime but I encourage you to read the manga instead. That's just my opinion.