BF3 Servers lineup.

As long as there's at least one hardcore server, I know it will be used and abused by the group of us that's been playing a lot of BC2 lately.
actually hardcore is NOTHING like call of duty's hardcore, at least as far as bullet damage, one amazing thing is that you cannot spot people to see where they are through walls... but mainly, 3/4 of the guns dont kill people in one shot unlike call of duty... call of duty's bullet damage for hardcore is absolutely bullshit, but in battlefield it still takes 3 shots from an m16, or 2 in the chest. semi auto snipers dont one shot unless you hit them in the chest semi close range, or in the head. its absolutely perfect. we can always tweak the things around, we could make a hardcore server, but still allow the mini map. so that there is no spotting because frankly, spotting has to be the most annoying thing in the world.


Why don't you want to do one hardcore and one reg for each? I think that would be the best option honest. That way there is variety and you can see which does best. It would also bring in more competitive players from the hardcore servers.