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BF3 PC treefrog1112 clan application


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I don't like to go on vent much... you know a bunch of people i don't know talking... i will here and there but i'm the quiet type.

I finally was in vent a little bit tonight. then everyone had to go eat pizza.

i had a nice few rounds tonight

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Ventrilo is a very important part of the game, especially for a game like BF3.
Communication is everything in this game to be successful.


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well long story short... I will start working 3am - 12noon EST on Sunday. this will go until the first of the year. So you won't see me anymore probably after 7pm as i will have to go to bed this early... however i will be on in the afternoon of course.


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thats cool man with winter break fast approaching many of our members and regulars will be then so dont worry you will have plenty of people to PWN NOOBS with.