BF3 NOT coming to steam


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Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam says retailer | PC Gamer

A report from a meeting between retailer Gamestop and financial research firm Baird suggests that Battlefield 3 will not be coming to Steam. According to Develop, the key quote from the report comes directly from Gamestop executives, who said that “the upcoming EA title Battlefield 3 will be sold as a download through GameStop, but not through Steam.”

EA recently briefly published a list of retailers for Battlefield 3, from which Steam was conspicuously absent. Other digital download sites like Gamersgate, Direct2Drive and EA’s own Origin were on the list, however, and an unnamed Gamestop executive tells Develop that Battlefield 3 will be coming to digital retailers other than Gamestop. It looks as though it’s just Steam who are being frozen out.

This is the latest in a series of conflicts between EA and Valve. Last month, Crysis 2 was removed from Steam, apparently due a clash over a DLC exclusivity agreement with Direct2Drive. EA recently announced that Mass Effect 3 will get its own Origin exclusive pre-order bonuses and Star Wars: The Old Republic will only be available through EA’s download service. Hopefully Valve and EA will resolve their differences, otherwise we might see other future EA releases like Mass Effect 3 shunning Valve’s store as well.


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Wow thats dumb.
Without steam its going to be hard to get with friends on BF3 or join a server.
STEAM is what made BC2 a success, they will see their numbers decrease without steam.

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Hopefully they get their contract panties out of a twist. Valve OF COURSE wants exclusivity, but they offer what Icewolf says: integration with community play. You get quick access to servers and can hop on with ease on most of their games (cough still haven't fixed ghost players???)

But yeah. :) Also, ME3 not being on Steam wouldn't be much of a loss except for Valve.


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Valve is the biggest gaming community out there, they sell games, they do everything from A to Z....its a damn shame they are now making their shit exclusive.
Its funny how BF2 first was only being made available to EA only then after a while they changed to Steam...
I bet they are going to do the same thing this time around too.
They will see sell #'s drop down after 3-5 months after release and they will be forced to sell their game on steam.
Steam gets a %, but lets face it, If I were a developer I'd use steam to advertise my games, because the steam network is huge.
I hope EA reconsiders and pulls their heads out of their asses.

People love the steam network way too much to leave, people have 100's of friends on the steam network, they love the idea to create a party and join a game together, when EA does this...well it will simply kills part of the gaming community.
I thought EA's motto was power to the it seems like they are going the same directions MW2 went to...


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What a bummer.. At least Steam lets you add any executable to the launcher so if you see a friend playing you can message him and ask for the server info.


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not to dissapointed.... like i wanna be able to play the game as soon as its out, not having to DL the whole game on 256k interwebs.
its kinda sad how a game with so much demand can be played on a console that is out dated by 3 years (xbox)
oh well.. still getting it :D
p.s. - cant wait to see the PC to Xbox/ps3 comparison... then people will realize how much better PC gaming is

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Seems to me that Valve and EA don't get along so well and this Steam exclusivity thing is just bad business for all parties involved, with the end-user taking the in the jaw(as usual). Look what happened with Crysis 2. EA supposedly pulled it from Steam and made it available only through Origins. Of course EA claims Valve expelled the game from Steam services. Who do i believe? I believe Valve AND EA need to grow up and remember that WE pay their bills.