BF3 Gear Upgrades


The 47 Ronin
What are you buying for Battlefield 3? Or what have you already bought? List it here, with pics please.

I'm buying these 3 things:

The new Qpad OM-75 Mouse that has brand new sensor/laser technology to double the accuracy.
I posted this as well in the forums Mouse 2.0, new tech out.

Saitek ST290

Razer Nostromo
Nice. I've got the Belkin equivalent to the Razer Nostromo. Exactly the same thing, just with Belkin logos instead of razer. Has exactly the amount of keys I need for CS:S and Battlefield.


The 47 Ronin
For a joystick, the one below is the sweetest setup I have seen yet. Quite pricey, but what isn't when your talking the best.

Thrustmaster - HOTAS WARTHOGâ„¢ - U.S. Air Force A-10C attack aircraft HOTASâ„¢(**) (Hands On Throttle And Stick) replica joystick pack, including

My Razer mouse is getting fairly tired, might have to check out that mouse as a replacement.

Well as much as Iw ant to get something like that, I really dont need those buttons, Unless I was playing a flight simulator. I dont believe BF3 supports all that.
I honestly dont like using joysticks for bf3 because well, they take up a lot of room on my desk and they kind of get in the way, but I like how you can control the throttle with them, thats one big huge plus. I had one back in the day for flight simulator 98, that was a really really fun game.


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If they made that mouse in black I might consider getting it to replace my deathadder, it's been kinda buggin out lately.

Im waiting for and gonna buy:
AMD Southern Islands GPUS, no specs/pics or anything that I know of has been released.


The 47 Ronin
I've been thinking of picking up a joystick as well. Probably this one since I'm a logitech fanboy.

Was lookin at that one, but I like more buttons on the top of the controller then on the bottom because ill be using my left hand for keyboard-WASD