BF3/CSS Sain†'s application to join 47r


The 47 Ronin
I was just in Tucson a couple weeks ago. I miss the Chipotle restraunt =(

+1 for BF3 app. one of the best scouters I've ever seen, I want that to carry into a sniper in BF3 >)
the girl in the 3rd pic is sexy.. I mean shes no 14 year old for you grego.. but shes sexy XD
HAHAHA grego and his jail bait gurlzzz.

+1 from me. Saint is a cool guy and is quite active in the server.

Remember be active on the forums!

I hope to see you on the squad soon :)
I think there might be some confusion in regards to which saint I am. S@int is the sniper who is good with the scout. I'm the other guy...who spams the para while hiding on the cabinets in paper among other things. I just dont want you all to think I'm someone who I'm not.
yes I do like those itty bitty waists with a round thing in your face! ohhhhhhh yea I did just do that... anyways, I think he should certainly be considered, hes been on the forums for quite some time now and hes fun to play with in css. hope you get in saint! :cool: