bf3 classes

What classes in bf3 are you most looking forward to playing? For me, it's engineer. I loved the class in bc2 and I hope they have the class in bf3. I know havoc posted up the classes but can you post it up once more in this thread havoc? Anyways, since the classes are going to take forever to fully unlock I would love to have my squad each pick a class to stick with until it is unlocked. Not saying you can't play any other classes that would be ridiculous, however, when we have an actual competition I would like to have certain people stick with certain class. Oh yes, we will have squad competitions. I have been stacking up games through steam and not to mention I have my free mobos and video cards to give away once I'm done testing them. is our squad team sign ups for the game. Right now I have some free shogun 2 games, some dead island games, two gtx 580's, i7 2600k, Im just waiting until October, then me and ice will hash out the "how to" for the competitions and I think it will be a fun time for all. And the best part, when I compete in it and win, I get to keep my parts, lol. just kiddin. Or am I?
im looking forward to engineer as well, especially because all the guns dont have silencers like they did in bc2, that honestly pissed me off lol.


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I'm looking foward to Support, which is what Medic is right now in BC2, except I will have ammo, not med packs. and I'll be able to throw down machine gun fire like a motha-**** in a prone position sprayin everyone in the face. I like being on the front line, helping advance all the infantry behind me. with the help of some cover sniper fire.


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I'll probably be rolling an offensive engineer (seems to be what I play and like the most in BC2). WTB ammo bitch and shock paddle ho. Also looking forward to these squad tournies with sweet prizes.

Psssst. Awoll want to be in my squad? Our team name can be Touch My Body.


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George, here is the BF Blog post about the classes: Battlefield Blog

Engineer- SMGs/AT/repair
Assault- ARs/medic/noobtube
Support- LMGs/ammo
Recon- Sniper rifles, not much info other than that. guessing C4 and motion detector type gadgets.

I will most likely play as an assault medic. Might go recon. Those two were my bread and butter in BC2.
recon isn't gay, it's only gay when you are a recon that doesn't do shit for the team, it should have some negative points for not helping out capturing points or what not. I would love it if they had a cap on how many people can be a certain class.