BF3 Beta: Favorite Kit/Weapon combo

I was using the AEK exclusively, because all I've really been leveling is Assault and a little bit of recon to get the SV98 with Short Pull Bolt. My furthest weapon achievement in Assault is the F2k which I've fallen madly in love with. Just earlier today I was trying to get some footage for Fuzion for the BF3 video. I was using the F2k with a fore grip, RDS and suppressor/ G17 Suppressed/ M320 Smoke/ Defib for the revives and extra points and the Ammo perk because I tend to stay alive for long periods of time and running out of ammo is just annoying. That's the set up I've become fond with recently and it hasn't let me down. Like I said before, I was getting some footage with that weapon and ended up going 32-9 with some insane killstreak bursts of double and triple kills, sometimes 2 or 3 in a clip. This weapon at short-medium range is utterly unstoppable. I like to suppress the close range weapons because I tend to get in close, but in a sneaky fashion so I want to keep quiet when making my kills and not draw in a lot of attention. I did like the AEK for a while, but to me it seems like it doesn't have as smooth of a firing sequence and I just generally like the feel of the F2000 better. This weapon, in my opinion, is a close match to the UMP-like weapons for it's even quicker rate of fire and hard hitting damage while also allowing a small bit of range if you control your bursts to about 2-3 rounds each.