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Be on the look out for KOZ

el jorge loco

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Hey all, Desire and I were watching this guy playing (STEAM_0:1:6623508), and some of it was kind of sketch. If you see anything up with this guy, please make a demo for us to review.



Space Cowboy

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not only was he sketchy but when i was on he was being a dick. not disrespecting admin but harassing other players.


47Ronin OG
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He admitted that he had two accounts in game and was very defensive when someone accused him. Literally for about 10 rounds he just argued with a few people about how he doesn't cheat. When jorge went into spec to watch him a few rounds later he left and came back. And it's funny how he went from a 3:1 to barely a 2:1 k/d. Anyhow, I was not absolutely positive he was cheating so I asked jorge to watch him too and neither of us could be certain so we didn't ban. But, he is definitely worth keeping an eye out on if he returns just because you never know about these guys.


The 47 Ronin
CAL Doesn't mean shit now adays.

It's not like back in the early 2000's where it was actually hard to be in CAL.
Yea I know it was just funny to see :p

@DeSiRe. Maybe he panicked and shit himself when he saw Jorge :p I'll keep an eye out when Im on the server. Still got a week left for school :(