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    I know a number off peeps play this game and there are some helpful tweaks to make it more fun to play. Such as making the filed of view wider, disabling bloom, and some other tweaks to improve FPS.

    1.1 :: Settings.ini
    First off, you may or may not know that the most important settings when it comes to performance aren't even in-game. They are under settings.ini. Open the file in a text editor (such as Notepad) and tweak away! settings.ini is located here:

    In Win7/Vista: C:\Users\[you]\Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini
    In XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[you]\My Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini

    After you make your changes to the file & save, you will need to mark it as read-only to keep the game from changing your settings back.

    If you are not very good at computers (or uncomfortable with editing .ini files), Liseda from the EA forums has made a simple tool that can change most (but not all) of the same settings for you. Get it here:
    Ohlawl.com - Ohlawl and Halal

    2.1 :: Settings that make the biggest performance impact
    Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
    The higher you set this, the less "jaggies" you will see. Using AA takes a massive chunk out of your FPS however.
    ¬ Best Performance: 0 (1x)
    ¬ Best Quality: 3 (4x) and above

    Effect that attempts to mimic the way the human eye sees a bright object right after looking at a darker one. Makes sunsets look gorgeous in this game at the cost of FPS.
    ¬ Best Performance: false (off)
    ¬ Best Quality: true (on)

    DirectX Mode (DxVersion)
    Changes what version of DirectX to run the game in. The game looks "prettier" in DX10 (better water, dust, etc.), but the effect is subtle so you might want to turn it off. This setting will only affect users running Vista/Win7 with a DX10 capable GPU.
    ¬ Best Performance: 9
    ¬ Default: auto
    (Note: You may experience graphical glitches running in DX9 mode, such as flickering textures and not being able to see out of the mounted turret window. AA doesn't work in DX9 mode either.)

    Horizontal Based Ambient Occlusion (HSAO)
    Advanced form of shadows that add depth to objects, but can negatively impact performance. Here are some comparison screenshots (from the beta but it still applies):
    ON: http://img222.yfrog.com/img222/8094/hbao10.png
    OFF: http://img21.yfrog.com/img21/4914/hbao9.png

    ON: http://img268.yfrog.com/img268/9527/hbao14.png
    OFF: http://img96.yfrog.com/img96/425/hbao13.png

    ON: http://imgur.com/avj2B.jpg
    OFF: http://imgur.com/7y9Gu.jpg
    ¬ Best Performance: false (off)
    ¬ Best Quality: true (on)

    ¬ Best Performance: medium or low
    ¬ Best Quality: high

    Quality of the grass that is "painted" on the ground. There's a lot of this, so turning it down helps.
    ¬ Best Performance: medium or low
    ¬ Best Quality: high

    Syncs the games FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor to eliminate "tearing" (noticeable on fast movement). Only turn this on if you can maintain 60+FPS constantly. Otherwise it'll negatively impact performance.
    ¬ Available settings: on, off

    2.2 :: Settings that make less of a performance impact
    Most of these settings make almost no difference in performance, so you might as well leave them on high.

    Anisotropic Filtering (Aniso)
    Quality of textures at a distance. In all my years of gaming I've never noticed a performance impact from using this, so it's safe to just leave this maxed-out.

    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Quality of effects like explosions and whatnot.
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Amount of grass and weeds that stick out of the ground.
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Level of detail on humans.
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Quality of various objects (barrels, rocks, signs, etc.)
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Quality of general terrain (not including grass; see Overgrowth & Undergrowth)
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Quality of general textures (walls, fences, poles, etc.)
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    Level of detail on all vehicles.
    ¬ Available settings: low, medium, high

    There's not a whole lot of water in this game so you might as well turn it down.
    ¬ Best Performance: medium or low
    ¬ Best Quality: high

    2.3 :: Other settings
    Field of View (Fov)
    See: badcompanytwo.com: The Leading Bad Company Two Site on the Net

    There is a bit of controversy as to what this setting actually does. From what I've found, either it's viewing distance of objects, or how much the CPU is allowed to get "ahead" of the GPU. Personally I would just leave this setting alone, as setting it to the wrong thing can cause crashes.
    ¬ Best Performance: Your results may vary
    ¬ Default: 2

    Sound Quality
    Only set this to high if you have a high-end CPU that can handle it. On my 3.6GHz Core 2 Duo, high caused the game to eat CPU, and the sound to crackle in the menus, as well as randomly freeze. Most people should leave this on low. Medium works great for me.
    ¬ Best Performance: low
    ¬ Default: low

    This is completely different from the sound settings available in game. Use the following guide to determine which number to pick:
    ¬ 5.1, 6.1, & 7.1 systems: 6
    ¬ 4.0 & 4.1 systems: 4
    ¬ 2.0 stereo & 2.1 systems: 2
    ¬ Default: 0 (auto detect?)

    3.1 :: Miscellaneous
    If your mouse suddenly stops working
    If you bought the game from Steam, bring up the overlay and close it (Shift+Tab)
    For other versions, Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc works too

    If you screw something up
    You can get the original settings.ini file here:
    badcompanytwo.com: The Leading Bad Company Two Site on the Net

    For a small FPS boost with ATI cards:
    Open the Catalyst Control Center. Click Graphics (top left) > 3D > All > Set Catalyst A.I. to Advanced. This may cause problems for other games though, so don't forget about it!

    Always keep your graphics drivers up-to-date! ATI and nVidia are constantly making improvements to game performance, so keep them updated!
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    Thanks for sharing, very useful info!
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    What Ice said

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