BC2 Fun... omg..


The 47 Ronin
a few pics is all it'll take to explain how much fun we had tonight. We do have video but it'll take time to compress lol...

That's Dickfor, Vanish, Stye and Grego up there LOL and im on the opposing team listening on mumble HAHA

And this is what they get LOL
Vanish looks like a flying squirrel LOL

Stye decided to parachute down so I knifed'em XD

Later on we decided to go Kamikaze


The 47 Ronin
Yes this was an epic night! sending some vids to FuZion for editing ATM
CAnt wait till we do shit like this again... lawlawlawlawlawlawlawl
lolz fun times that was. Who came up with the c4-ATV combo last night? I just got this game a couple weeks ago and it's fun finding all the ways to kill people. 1000 ways to die in a video game...


The 47 Ronin
AGAIN TONIGHT!!!! ill be on all night. lets try and get at least 2 squads of 4.
let the games.. BEGIN!

Edit: LMFAO at the guy in the video at the end watching!!!!