Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3!


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I'll start.
Battlefield 3 clear wins when it comes down to innovations and a huge leap from the previous version of BF saga.
Everything from top to bottom has improved, especially the graphics and effects.
I am interested to see how the new Frostbite 2 engine does.
One weakness that I see in Battlefield 3 is that their server browsers are horrible, slow, laggy, and very hard to find servers!
I like the idea of cross platform games, so that will help a lot of small servers populate very quick! I think this will become the biggest online community for a while.

This game will do great on consoles, even better than BF3.
Many weapon customization options, very easy game play and new kill streaks will make this game fresh from the previous version of MW2.
One thing MW will always reign vs BF3 is the amount of customizations they allow in game.

This is going to be an awesome holiday season for everyone!


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I has one thot.. MW3 has over 1900 dislikes on youtube vs 500 likes.. I think this says alot.. MW3 no matter what can't fight bad public opinion at this point.. I think BF3 will domin8 regardless of Platform..


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I agree with you Ice. I see BF3 dominating the PC scene while MW3 controls the consoles. Snowman, I believe that $50 dollars a year is for optional MW3 service. It's stupid nonetheless.


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BF's server browser fail might be fixed (finally) with their web-based browser AKA Battlelog. I had no problems in alpha finding and joining servers unlike in BF2 and BC2 (on release). Some have been discouraged by the move to battlelog but I think that after using it, people should understand why the change was made. I think DIce got that part right. When you are looking for a server, you want to talk to your buddies and see what they want to play, with how many people and/or just shoot the shit. the browser idea is awesome, you don't have to alt+tab a shit ton to move channels in vent to see who wants to play. You can 'party up' and join servers as a group, which is awesome.

BF3 > MW3. All day every day
COD4 was an incredible game for when it came out. I still play it on occasion, but the recent iterations have just been the same old shit. MW3 will be the 4th game to come out on the same engine, which is still a decent engine; with the amount of money they make off these games is such that they should have no problem creating an even better one, but they don't. Plus its the same gameplay concepts just again and again and again. COD could use a refresh to get people excited about it again. I also hope with BF directly competing with COD that BF doesn't become an every year release. I don't see it happening right now with the Devs talking about BF lasting for years on end with all the unlocks/medals/ranks but I could see BF being a 2-3 year release in the near future. Especially if they are able to trump COD this year.


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The thing is EA focuses on many other big title games, where Activision has dedicated teams working on specific projects. Activision has 2 teams treyarch and IW.
If we are speaking numbers, as a company COD still dominating the charts because their games do very well in consoles, where EA lacks.
It will take a massive huge hit release for BF to catch up to the COD franchise.
Black Ops somewhat was fail, I didn't enjoy the game play like I did with MW2.
I do agree with Havoc that every year its the same game over and over again, hopefully this will be the last and final installment with this engine.