Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses announced for the US


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Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses announced for the US | PC Gamer
Gamestop Battlefield 3 pre-order
GameStop’s pre-order includes the Physical Warfare pack, in addition to the Back To Karkand DLC. If you are part of their PowerUp Rewards, you’ll get a free Prima Battlefield 3 strategy guide as well.
Amazon Battlefield 3 pre-order
If you pre-order on Amazon, you’ll receive an exclusive set of dog tags for multiplayer. On top of that, the pre-order includes the Back To Karkand expansion pack.
Best Buy Battlefield 3 pre-order
Best Buy offers the same Limited Edition version with Back To Karkand, plus a set of new multiplayer skins — the SPECACT Kit. You’ll receive a code to unlock 8 new multiplayer skins when the game is released.


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i didnt bother checking the different pre orders, oh well. i already paid it in full months ago thru gamestop. and yes im a power up pro member. good to know what ill be getting then.


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I am also going to ore order mine from BB, best deal!
I am surprised they didn't release the geek squad skin lol!
Just an update, the video below shows the features of the physical warfare pack. This pack is a pre-order bonus when you get BF3 through Origin (As mentioned above). The pack will be exclusive for some time before being released to everyone else in game who didn't pre-order through Origin.