Battlefield 3 beta is ready, DICE waiting for Sony and Microsoft

Source: Battlefield 3 beta is ready, DICE waiting for Sony and Microsoft - Battlefield 3

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According to a new report emerging from French Battlefield portal, Battlefield’s French community representative “Kusa” has spilled the beans on the status of the Battlefield 3 beta: it’s ready for release, and the only thing DICE is waiting for is a content approval from Microsoft and Sony, in order to get the beta running on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version is ready as well, but DICE is holding back in order to get a simultaneous beta release across all platforms.

So far this is unconfirmed by DICE, but considering that Microsoft and Sony usually take at least a week or two in order to approve content (whether it’s DLC, game download, etc.), it’s not entirely unrealistic to assume that the beta is in fact ready, and that all we (and DICE) are waiting for is a go-ahead from the console makers.


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Of course Consoles are holding us back! Just give me BF3 Beta on PC NOW!
Thanks Sakin for sharing this valuable information :)
Looks like we might get a beta release date tomorrow.

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Daniel Matros is Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE.

With only 2 weeks left in September what else could it be?


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Once again consoles cock blocking the PC community.
I really don't understand why they are not releasing early beta access to alpha testers!
This is annoying!
I was promised early beta!