Battlefield 3 Alpha signups are open and accepting now!


The 47 Ronin
That's not really the link to it Ice is it? you have to sign up for the newsletter, which is what I posted at the bottom. Once you sign up for the newsletter, then you will be put in a pot to be drawn a key for the alpha. If you put in your age and then login its just gonna tell you that your not allowed or whatever on the website.

Battlefield 3 : BF3 - EA Available 10.25.2011


Still gives me a message saying i don't meet the criteria..

edit: just read fuzions response. So how long until I know if I'm gonna get a key?
Im installing now, Guess with all the money ive spent on BF in the past i meet the criteria, they sent me an email and i just now opnened it. Probably makes sense since i beta tested for bf2 and 2142

Hey George remmeber how much ass we used to kick as a helicopter team in BF2!!!! Shit we all used to get down those were good times....