Request Unban Banned? incase the 1st one didnt go through

In Game Nickname: Wolverine
Date Banned: 8-7-11
STEAM ID: don't know it
Reason of ban: (If known) Not sure, woke up this morning and I was banned
Admin that banned you: Don't know
Why we should unban you: I cant really give a reason if I don't know what i was banned for

el jorge loco

Staff member
Would help you gave us your steam ID first. Then we can determine why you were banned, as well as the admin who gave the ban in the first place. This process takes a bit of time, so please be patient.


Staff member
Yes Dick you need to keep things a little more professional. Now back to the point at hand. 1. You think you can come in to our server and disrespect anyone you feel like... well your wrong. 2. You feel you can cry and complain about everything under the sun and expect the rest of the pub/clan to just deal with you. wrong answer. You and your 4 accounts will not be unbanned go find another server to cause drama on as we do not want you or your drama here. Your unban request is denied and will remain that way.


The 47 Ronin
You two are right (ice, nut). sorry for not acting professional on this matter.
Please do accept my apology, Gaiden
I honestly don't know what got into me. I enjoy playing with you F-22, but PLEASE PLEASE just try and have a good time while playing.
ive been rando'd so many times, i cant keep track. thats just the game.
not sure exactly why you were banned, but im sure us at the 47Ronin can look past this and maybe your ban can get lifted.
Once again i apologize.
- Adam


We gave you plenty of chances to cool it. I've even told you a few times after you were banned from the GG server that you need to calm down or the same was gonna happen on the dust server. Should have taken my advice..

el jorge loco

Staff member
Ice, I think Nut and yourself answered this sufficiently and we don't want this to turn into a bash on F-22, no matter how we each may individually feel about his attitude on the server.
Changing name to get unbanned? Weak sauce. I know it is un-professional but Dick's 1st post is about on par with the stuff F-22 says in the server. Aggression equated with aggression, it's going to happen now and then.