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back after 2-4 years


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first off, I'd like to quote my true friend tom who was a solid rock in this community (no credit taken from you 'suicide George' or Doug.

""""(We Walk In The Ways Of The Bushido, The Samurai Code. We Are The "Wave Men". We Are the Ronin. We Are Warriors Without Lands Of Our Own. We Are Warriors Without Masters. We Embody The Samurai Spirit. We Share With You Our Values So That You Too May Know:


Join Us In Our Bond, Our Oaths. Our Story Is The Chushingura. In Its Telling, The Churriguera Reveals Our Hearts And Our Souls. We Must Be Intimate With Death, For:

"As long as you keep death in mind at all times, you will fulfill the ways of loyalty and familial duty. You will also avoid myriad evils and calamities, you will be physically sound and healthy, and you will live a long life. What is more, your character will improve and your virtue will grow.

If people comfort their minds with the assumption that they will live a long time, something might happen, because they think they will have forever to do their work and look after their parents-they may fail to perform for their employers and also treat their parents thoughtlessly.

But if you realize that the life that is here today is not certain on the morrow, then when you take your orders from your employer, and when you look in on your parents, you will have the sense that this may be the last time-so you cannot fail to become truly attentive to your employer and your parents. This is why we say you also fulfill the paths of loyalty and familial duty when you keep death in mind."

In the End We Meet At Senegal-Ji- As Heroes, Every One of Us, Immortalized For Eternity.")"""-


i' started playing here back in 2006 (i think maybe 2008) and i was tolerated as an immature little prick for 2 years. thank you for putting up with me all you oldie admins

anyways i go by ST3AMROLLER now, and im gratefull after all these years to be back. i missed this community dearly, and like tom (or civil servant) i had a close run in with mortality... yeah. i hope i can redeem myself to those who know me from back then, and i'm excited to meet the new 47r members,and old regulars. have fun pwning me for a few months till i get back to my 'okay' err most likely mediocre status)

on a side note- this IS the 47 ronin movie, (i am not allowed to post links, just youtube it, i promise it will make you members proud.

A.K.A im ashamed to admit,its kodiak/mclovin.
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---www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8cKdDkkIYY--- erase the 3 ending marks and beginning o the link, to view the trailer. just saw it today before riddick... and ohh... man.


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I don't know you, but welcome back and we hope you stick around (that is of course, as long as you are not a immature little prick anymore) I've heard some things about you. And NO, they were never good. (At least I am honest.)

See you in the server.
DeS out.


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Ha, I had similar setup when I moved once. I'm sure we all have at some point since the computer's the last thing unplugged when moving out and first thing when moving in.
Did you get your door back? :p