B|o0d F|3nD

Name: Dillon

Age: 27

Location:Mission BC CANADA

In Game nickname/nicknames: B|o0d F|3nD

Your favorite hobby: Guitar

Your favorite movie: fear and loathing in las vegas, casino, gramas boy,

Games you play: CS:S cs:go sometimes L4D2 (not very often), red faction sometimes.

How many hours a week are you online: recently i was enrolled in school, i have just finished everything and will be back playing nightly.

Your previous squad/team: 47Ronin

Why did you leave your last squad: was removed due to inactivity

How long have you been playing in our server: for 3 years or so now, only server i play on ever.

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I want to join Ronin becuase you guys are like family, and i appaulogize for being away and absent, i was just trying to secure a future for my self. Would love to be a part again.

Tell us about you: I started playing guitar about a year ago and havnt stopped. I am set to be a network administrator, and it seems to have a promising future. I played soccer as a youth for 15 years, i took Taekwondo for 5 years as a youth. I am currently an out of shape slob, trying to correct my hazerdous ways. I have a beard most days. or at least some stubble. i am canadian, proudly. Also the americans are pretty nice people. I have a lot of personal issues that i have been working through, some that i have had success with some that i am still trying to get a handle on. MY christmas this past was okay, my sister had her first baby just before christmas, making me a new uncle to a beautiful baby boy. I eventually would like to go to school for a bachlor of music in the long-term future....not sure what else to say... THanks boys.

THanks guys, hope this is taken into consideration. As i am free of having to study everyday and night, and i have time to do things again. This school thing just came to fruition in this last week here so. Its a nice load off of my shoulders.


The 47 Ronin
The name sounds...familiar. j/k Welcome back.
Probably the most thorough app, especially for a re-app. :D

Even with his time off, his post count is still higher than others. :p


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
i dont know this man. deny!

lols jk. hi mr fiend. glad to hear all the good news with school and stuff. welcome back! im sure youll be let back in shortly ;)