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Discussion in 'Auto Section' started by Aion, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Aion

    Aion The 47 Ronin

    any mechanic around here? I'm looking for cheap auto parts store for my 2011 santa fe 2.4l gl premium. looking for brake pads and rotors.

    any suggestions? websites. US base store

    thanks guys
  2. el jorge loco

    el jorge loco Staff Member Moderator

    My suggestion is to get something besides the santa fe
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  3. kaM

    kaM The 47 Ronin

    Brake pads are cheap, looking $15 to $20 for a good set. Rotors you don't want to cheap out on that much.

    Rotors are about $40/$48 each and can get down to about $30 each for the Santa Fe.

    Best thing is just walk into a store like pepboys/midas/autozone and have them get them in for you.
  4. Ghonzo

    Ghonzo The 47 Ronin

    Check CARID their prices are very reasonable.
  5. Aion

    Aion The 47 Ronin

    Parts here aross the border is way overprice. Ill have a look at those companys. Ill have them ship it to my US adress.that will be cheaper.
  6. Nutbutter

    Nutbutter Staff Member Moderator is a good site.

    For pads only buy ceramic pads they won't a nice black powder all over your rims, stink to holy hell, and they will last nearly forever. As for rotors go for OEM or better only you don't want to have to worry about having them taken off to be turned or paying some shop to turn them on the vehicle for 120.00 per axle.
  7. kaM

    kaM The 47 Ronin

    If you're in vancouver take a drive down to the states, you should be able to pick them up at pretty much any auto parts store for a pretty decent price.
  8. ak | sAmmI'^

    ak | sAmmI'^ The 47 Ronin

    bro check amazon they sell complete kits for really cheap, granted they aren't the best money can buy but decent. make sure not to get any type of drilled rotors they are only for looks and wont help with stopping power, and will eventually crack. and far as ceramic pads go i wouldnt bother with them just a waste of money IMO unless you really care about not having brake dust on your wheels
  9. Aion

    Aion The 47 Ronin

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Really appreciate it. Ive been paying so much here for parts and its time now to buy from across the border.
  10. ShadowMaster59

    ShadowMaster59 New Member

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