Attn: Any one i have offended recently

As most of us know, we are all entitled to our own opinions and beleifs. So I appaulogize if i have offended any one by what i have said. I do stand by what i have said, but I am sorry if what i have said has offended any one.

To clear the air my beleifs are as follows..

I do not beleive in god or organized religion, how ever i do beleive in right/wrong, good/evil.

I dislike Gov't for there lies, and secrecy. I do not trust any govt.. I do not have any problems with the USA or the people in it.. Just there govt, feel the same towaards canada.

I dislike police, for simple reasons that few ruin it for the many. They are given a responsibliity, and are supposed to set examples, lead by example.

I do not beleive that just becuase it says so in a constitution, that everyone is entitled to a gun. I think you should have to be proven mentally stable, with a stationary address, and have to store guns and ammo in appropriate gun cabinets

These are my points of view, or opinions, It is okay for you to disagree with them. I just hope you respect that they are my own, and dont belittle me for them..

Like i said, i appologize if i have offended any one, alot of the things i say are unfilterd and brutally honest.