Asus Transformer and dock purchase?

I have the opportunity to purchase an Asus Transformer and dock for $350 used.
I already have a nook color rooted.
If I get the transformer and dock, I'll give the nook to my parents or grandparents.

One of my friends who is a techy, says that I shouldn't fall for the tablet hype. He had the zoom, but regretted to the point of returning it even tho it was $100 off from Costco. He currently has an ipad that only his gf uses cause he dislikes it too. Is tablets truly a hype? This ain't star trek or anything.

I actually don't use nook that much, it is just nice to have. The occasional porn sites in bed when I get tired of using the smartphone. The use at friends' houses while watching sports and checking up on fantasy.

I also have a dell mini 10v that I hacked to load OSX that I barely use.

So yea, I got technology at home that is getting dusty. Technology is fun though.



The 47 Ronin
I'm constantly reading news and checking my email on my phone. I'd probably make use of Netflix and other entertainment, but there's two catches w/ the Droid:
1) The battery's drained before the day ends when I might need it
2) A 3.7" screen sucks for most surfing/reading/watching

So for me, the 10" tablet (I got the similar Acer Iconia Tab) takes over most entertainment while saving my phone for more of what it's actually designed for (calls).
I just started going to a gym again and now bring my tablet to watch movies over whatever crap's on the TV there.
I think the tablet, in most cases, is definitely optional and more of a toy. I think how much you use it though might justify the cost.
I use mine constantly and have gone days w/o booting a laptop, so the convenience of instant on and portability has been worthwhile.
I used my friend's xoom for like 10 minutes and was bored after 2. It's an oversized smartphone. I don't see a practical use other than showing people you have money to blow. Even my tech friend (he tests stuff and reviews it, so he literally buys new parts and resells them within a month) who owns a xoom and ipad2 says they both suck. He just has them because he is rich.

If you haven't used one, go use one at a phone store or something. If they don't have it, go use an ipad. I mean, the OS is different, but to me it's like driving a honda versus a toyota. I prefer being able to type exactly what I want, quickly, on my laptop.
seems like having a nook color android is good enuff.
i guess $300 for it still would be a waste.
I alrdy got a tbolt from verizon. 4G!

good talk people.

if anyone is interested I can help them get this deal if they want it.
hey lost, i have a rooted Nook Color with dual boot (so i can switch between the root or the original nook os). since ive had my Nook B&W and color, ive pretty much stopped reading 500+ paperback and hardbound books in my personal library. like A-rich, i use my nook when working out at the gym at work. i can read my books, surf the internet or even play games while on the bicycle machine. lol

in short, its been handy and valuable. i barely touch my personal laptop anymore since its too big and cumbersome compared to my nook tablet.