Asus and Gigabyte 1080 GTX in stock!


The 47 Ronin
I just bought ten of them, they were used as my monitor's stand because it was kinda of low. My monitor's height is perfect now, thanks for these GTX 1080 :p


Staff member
It said there was a limit of 2 at a time, put it let me put in 12 haha. Friends/family are looking for them so just going to sell them @ cost to them
At first I thought you bought the FTW ones...but then I looked closer and saw they were the ACX base version. Still very good looking card.


The 47 Ronin
I'm surprised they didn't cancel your order, but $8k profit is nice for them lol.
Haha they probably took a peak at my account and saw around ~100k in orders per year from them and said fuck it. I was legitimately surprised it made it to the shipped phase.