Armored Core Last Raven

If you're a fan of mechs.....I HIGHLY suggest you picking up this game including the whole Armored Core Franchise (especially for PS2). These games are epic but sadly, go unnoticed. And in my honest opinion, have the sickest intro's. Proud owner of all the Armor Cores (except Armored Core 1 on PS1). Out of all the mech games I played, the Armored Core franchise is by FAR the best! Can't wait for Armored Core 5 to come out!! Take a look at this intro!!


el jorge loco

Staff member
I still happen to have a copy of the PS1 Armored Core. I think. I haven't looked t my piles of PSOne games. I loved AC2 because the controls just worked. PSP version is a bit disappointing as the controls are fairly stiff, and I wish they released a PC version where controls would probably be more reminscent to old school Mech Warrior.. or finally make use of that giant MechWarrior 2 command console they came out with in limited edition back in the early 2000s for the original XBox