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Are you serious.....


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Really you get mad and ban me? Give me a break. I've been playin on this server for the longest time and bitch about you scouters all the time. Real quick to ban me.

In Game Nickname: mimix101
Date Banned: 12/13/15
Game Server that you were banned from: CS: S
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:10570977
Reason of ban: blocking a scouter?
Admin that banned you: camp4kills?
Why we should unban you: not really a reason to ban someone...
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I banned you for a day. I'm unsure why you decided to switch teams and then just stand in front of me while I was trying to scout. You can make it out as innocent as you want it to sound, but it's not doing objective and it's trolling, especially when it ends with "U MAD BRO" over and over in chat, after I kicked you for continuously following me around standing in front of me.

I did absolutely nothing to provoke your trolling, except maybe killing you.

I can't speak for the rest of the squad, but personally I have zero patience when it comes to people doing what you're trying to do. I get it, it's cool to be a dick online. But targeting admins is not wise.