Poll Are these OC settings okay?

How does my CPU-Z look?

  • Keep running Prime95 a few more hours and see

  • Your MOBO die soon

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The 47 Ronin
CPU: Intel C2D E8400 Rev. E0
MOBO: Maximus Formula X38
RAM: F2-8500CL5-2GBPK (4x2GB)

CPU volt - 1.275v
NB - 1.30v
DRAM - 2.1v

I researched some old threads on this combo and arrived at the above settings. I've always had this running stock for the past several years, but today I wanted to live on the edge just for a little while. SOOOOOOOO anyways, Rated FSB at stock was only 1066 MHz, but now it's 1599.91 MHz. Is this okay or tomorrow it die? ^^



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What kills them is heat.

Prime95 will show you what your system can handle as it puts a massive load on it that you will never see in daily use. Run Prime95 for an afternoon, if it survives that it should be good to go.


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Have the person check the power connector is seated cleanly in the power supply. Also, try a different outlet for the power cord, direct to outlet and not through a power strip.


The 47 Ronin
I have a small check list:
1. PSU switched on. check!
2. PSU cable plugged in firmly. check!
3. PSU cable plugged directly into outlet. check!
4. re-seat GPU. check!
5. re-seat motherboard power 20+4 pin. next
6. re-seat memory. next
7. re-seat cpu power 4+4 pin. next
8. clear CMOS? :(

The heatsink covers half the motherboard so re-seating memory & cpu 4+4 pin is going to be tricky.

Motherboard LEDs light up when the PSU is plugged into the outlet, but when the power button is pressed, all fans spin for a split second and then nothing...