The graphics card went out, it wasn't really mine anyways. It was my brothers & it was still running Pentium 4 lmao. But a friend of mine built me one for free, I'm just waiting for him to bring it to me.
whaaat a friend of yours built it for free?! lucky girl you!


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My girlfriend just broke up with me kuz I'm a bitch n always in this shit
ROFL, sup PJ's girl!
... i looked at the stats like a month ago and you had the most playing time by double i think of the guy 1 lower than you lol...
ahem... i have a job... so i can't keep up with him. :(
serious... as a guy who just got out of a failed marrage, i told my gf now that this is what i do, it make me happy, if you have a problem with it then its your problem.
she needs to realize that unless she is going to make you "happy" everytime you want, css will have to do instead. unless she want to get f*ck 12 time a day....
most women must battle the "other" girl (aka xbox, ps3, pc, etc).
Wow 3 days that's a record.
clan app hax!