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The 47 Ronin
I fucking HATE your avatar. dont ever post on the forums, stay inactive. :mad:

I'm gonna make a .gif out of your avatar, make'em bounce around. :cool:
Why did you pick philosophy major?
Philosophy is something that I wanted to get into for a while, and it's something that stuck to me after taking many GE classes. I, especially, love logic and symbolic logic, it has a lot to do with arguments and persuasions we use today as well as including some math notations as well. Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Political Philosophy are fun topics as well.

Yeah yeah I know, philosophy doesn't get you a great job. But if I had to choose between a major i don't really enjoy and such (more like a pain in the butt), or a major that I really enjoy, I'd choose the second option. Philosophy follows other majors that have similar problems, such as Sociology, Psychology, Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, and others I can't think of.